Freddy Nancy Portrait

We are Freddy and Nancy Hall, missionary-pastors to the Navajo people. We live and minister on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Shiprock, New Mexico and are the founding pastors of a local church called Dineh Christian Center, one of the largest Native American congregations on the Navajo Reservation.

We Are...

  • By membership we both are ordained members of the Full Gospel Evangelistic Association, Tulsa, Ok.
  • By style, we are Charismatic.
  • By heritage we are Pentecostal.
  • By fellowship, we are ecumenical.
  • By theology, we are evangelical.
  • By affiliation, we are inter-faith, nondenominational.
  • By grace, we are saved!

We Believe...

  • We believe in Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World.
  • We believe in pointing seekers of God to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin and new life.
  • We believe in the personal infilling of the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit empowers believers for victorious living.
  • We believe in preaching Jesus to every people group on earth.
  • We believe in demonstrating the gospel by laying hands for the healing of the sick, casting out demons, and the infilling of believers with the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in the material and financial prosperity of the believers.

The Vision

Because of the great revival of 1959-1965 and the subsequent continued growth, the Navajo nation is perhaps the most evangelized native American tribe of North America. Freddy's parents were integral to that revival.

It is now estimated that 40-50 percent of the Navajo people are born again Christians. They are also the largest North American tribe with over 240,000 members. They own the largest reservation in the Americas, with over 26,000 square miles in northern Arizona, southern Utah, and western New Mexico. The reservation is approximately the size of West Virginia.

Because of the strong Christian influence on the Navajo reservation, combined with its size, it is Freddy Hall's belief that the Navajo are the key to the evangelization of the other 900 tribes in the USA and Canada. Indians listen to Indians.

It is the vision of Freddy Hall Navajo Outreach to equip and send Navajo ministers to the 900 North American tribes by establishing a strong local church on the reservation, with a radio and TV outreach, and by building a Bible training center to equip Native American ministers.


The Halls have been living and ministering full time on the Navajo reservation in Shiprock, New Mexico, since November 1996. At that time, they took over the pastorate of Full Gospel Revival Center, which was about 20 years old and had a small primitive, dirt floored, building and only four people in regular attendance. After a few months, Full Gospel Revival Center was disbanded and a New Church, Dineh Christian Center was organized and legally incorporated in it’s place.

Today, Dineh Christian Center has hundreds of people who attend on a regular basis. The church has a choir, band, youth group, and children's church.

In addition to their pressing daily pastoral duties of a large congregation, the Halls are busy in many areas of ministry:

Community affairs:  The Halls are active in the Shiprock Area Ministers Association (SAMA).  SAMA is a community organization of area pastors who meet together monthly for prayer and to coordinate annual community religious events like the Community Easter Sunrise Service, Community Gospel Singings, and Community Thanksgiving Service.

TV Ministry:  Freddy & Nancy Hall are the hosts of  “The Power Hour”, a weekly Navajo interview program that shares Navajo Christians testimonies.  The Power Hour airs three times weekly on Prime Time Christian Broadcasting Network aka “God’s Learning Channel” (GLC).  From program schedules and Internet access to the program, log on to or go to the TV Schedule page on this web site.

Dineh Ministers Fellowship (DMF): Freddy Hall is the appointed Director of the Native American District of the Full Gospel Evangelistic Association (FGEA), aka Dineh Ministers Fellowship (DMF).  DMF is a network of independent Native American ministers and ministries that ordains and licenses, trains, and supports ministers.

Dineh Bible College (DBC):  DBC is a vision of Pastor Hall.  In the future, we plan to hire or partner with interested people who desire to work in educating Native American ministry candidates.  Work has already begun in the organizational structure and classes are now being taught in music and leadership.

Conferences:  The Halls are both heavily involved in conducting conferences for the purpose of inspiring and training leaders and believers.  Following are the annual conferences provided through Dineh Christian Center.

v      Intertribal Campmeeting

v      Freddy Hall Oklahoma Indian Campmeeting Crusade

v      DCC Women’s Conference

v      DCC Men’s Conference

v      DCC Prayer Conference

Freddy Hall maintains a busy speaking schedule both on the reservation and across the USA.  If your church or organization is interested the opportunity to partner with Freddy Hall as a supporting entity, Pastor Hall is available to visit your group and present the opportunity either in person or by an authorized spokes person.  To schedule a meeting:  Call 505-368-4117.